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Do you ever wonder why the changes in your life aren’t happening yet? Why am I stuck? What’s holding me back? What’s possible in the future? Am I ever going to change this for real? Is this just how life is going to be? We're here to help you realize that YOU have this moment—right now!

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"As a university professor, I’m constantly looking for research-based resources to help students, parents, and community members improve their health and happiness. Climb nails it! And I’m eager to see countless individuals, couples, and families benefit. I’ve downloaded it and will continue to share it with the masses. Great work!"

David Schramm, PhD

Professor and author

Climb leads to
lasting improvement

Over 90% of highly engaged users report it has significantly helped them move toward lasting improvement.

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Climb can help you





Train at your own pace. Gain encouraging insights and practical tips through Climb's comprehensive training and expert Q&A sessions.

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Share hope and strength. Find unique support and encouragement by asking questions and brainstorming challenges with others seeking a more vibrant life.

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Visualize your improvement with analytics. Through daily tracking data, weekly lifestyle inventories, and growth-oriented outcome measurements, Climb helps you explore a wide range of patterns that offer insights in different areas of your personal growth.

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Why Climb?

To help you find lasting healing

Daily Tracking

Discover informative patterns from analyzing your self improvement data across weeks and months.


Monitor adjustments you’re making in key lifestyle areas, along with long-term outcomes in overall well-being.

Private Journal

Record your thoughts and experiences efficiently along the way through a completely private, personal journal.

Real-Life Allies

Invite people you trust in your own life to follow your healing progress so they can provide additional support and encouragement.

Personalized Insights

Receive real-time statistics showing measurable improvements, areas needing attention, and factors correlated with your progress.

Global Community

Ask questions and share enthusiasm with fellow Climbers all around the world who are striving toward similar goals.

Digital Courses

Learn creative strategies and practical skills while getting updated on the latest science of mental and physical wellness.


Receive support from a licensed therapist. Prevent a crisis before it happens. It's safe, secure, and personalized.

Mindful Practices

Access guided meditations helping you learn how to work through daily stressors and respond calmly in hard moments.


In a difficult moment, reach out for different kinds of immediate guidance, support, and encouragement.


Celebrate even small steps of healing with coins, badges, avatars and level statuses that help you celebrate your progress along the way.

Lifestyle Coaching

Sign-up to get one-on-one coaching support from recovery experts with experience in a variety of wellness strategies.

Climb Success Stories

App Store 4.9 out of 5 stars!

Climb Addresses Holistic Wellness Needs

"As you might see from my profile, I am an NBC-HWC, CWP. Currently I serve the wellness needs of college students through my full-time role. I am often looking for resources to share with students and clients, and your app is awesome! I downloaded it and have been looking around it, and I am so encouraged by all of the work you all have done to address the holistic wellness needs of folks using the app."


Climb mobile app customer

Climb Helps Heal Faster

"Depression and anxiety are challenges that don’t stop when they walk out of my office after their session. As a clinician, I really appreciate having Climb as additional support for my clients in between sessions – with a combination of psychoeducation, mindfulness tools, a supportive community and tracking to help them heal faster."


Mental Health Counselor

"This is a lifeline. I love your short training discussions. They’re concise gems of hope, help, understanding, and knowledge. They can be processed easily and quickly. As I listened to a discussion, I was excited to listen to one or two others to see what I would learn."

Sarah Smith

Climb mobile app customer

"Thank you so much! I had started the program a few days ago and it really felt like a new start. This means a lot to me, and I'm really grateful to you all for it.
I pray that you, and everyone who works with Recovery Suite, and all of your family members, be protected during this time, and be provided with everything you need. Once again, thanks a lot!"

Julie B.

Climb mobile app customer

"Anxiety and depression are so isolating!! The Climb training is very validating to me – describing what I have felt facing this. I kept thinking, ‘This is my experience! This is what I felt and still feel at times. Someone understands."


Climb desktop app customer

We are proud to partner with the Mental Health Coalition to bring hope, encouragement, and healing for those experiencing mental health challenges.

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