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How can an ally help?


When trying to make a healthy change in one's life, feelings of fear often lead an individual to “hide” from the people he or she cares about. This “hiding”often creates feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can be triggers that drive someone into a perpetual downward-spiral. An effective way to break out of a cycle of secrecy is to have an accountability partner or someone the can be honest and open with.


Depression and anxiety often leaves individuals living in denial, minimization and blame. In recovery, part of making healthy changes is beginning to lead an honest and responsible life. Someone who simply decides to start this program has already taken an important step by taking responsibility. By inviting you to become an Ally is an even greater step. Accountability is one of the most important steps towards living a healthy, balanced life.

Human Connection

Reaching out to an Ally also provides the individual with someone they can turn to for support. This can help the individual come out of their isolation and enjoy healthy human connection and intimacy. Human intimacy and connection is one of the most important replacements for depression and anxiety. Knowing somebody else is there to provide support and love can be game changing.

Who can be an ally?

For individuals wanting to achieve meaningful personal growth, an ally is a person in their life who can be entrusted with these personal and vulnerable situations.

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How does it work?

We have designed a unique experience just for allies– and it's awesome!

Training Progress

See their progress in their learning journey. Insights into their lifestyle contributing factors. Personalized Insights and recommendations that we provide based on the data they provide.


Awards are badges, coins, and rankings they earn as they accomplish something significant on their path towards growth. They also receive awards as they advance in their ranking in the community.

Daily Tracker Analytics

Streaks to congratulate them. Analyze their patterns so you can help them achieve lasting change. Progression timeline and calendar of effort given each day.


Within our platform, the person for whom you are an ally can send you a direct help message. With a click of a button you can be alerted if this person is feeling sad, anxious, angry, or unmotivated.

Well-being Analytics

We provide you insights and score trends in: Environment, sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental enrichment, relationship quality, meaning & purpose, mindfulness and spirituality, time management, financial management, stress management.


Make and manage personal notes about this person. This will help you remember patterns so you can reach out at an opportune time to come to their aid.

Unlimited Messaging

Enjoy unlimited messaging with the person for whom you are an ally. Connection and support is proven to be one of the most helpful aspects to recovery.

Personal Insights

Insights into their lifestyle contributing factors. Personalized Insights and recommendations that we provide based on the data they provide.

Worldwide Community of Allies

Unique and specific community for all the allies in the world that come together to ask questions and support each other.

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